The World Cup Cricketeers are the tournament volunteers who without them the tournament wouldn't be able to run. The Tournament has over 4000 volunteers across the 10 cities. These roles vary between departments and jobs, and the volunteers have been giving a helping hand since the start of the Trophy Tour on 19 February at 100 days to go!

The volunteer branding uses Royal (blue) and Spring (lime green). This is also the same colour branding as the signage and wayfinding. By keeping them the same colour the branding for both stands out, and makes it very clear that they are there for you to ask questions to and help you in anyway they can.

Branding for for the Cricketeers includes uniforms and kits for
pre-tournament and tournament time. These kits include flags,
bunting, backdrops, pull-up banners, posters and signage.