GO TRI is British Triathlon's mass participation campaign.

GO TRI's 2 year goal is to get 100,000 new people into the sport of triathlon.

I have been working on several campaigns for GO TRI which are based on the current market, events happening in triathlon and working with various partners. Around Rio Olympics 2016 the campaign launched was #YourGOTRI which focused on getting people involved in after the triathlon in the Olympics. The most recent campaign is working with the mixed relay #MixItUp which is currently focused on the Nottingham area but will branch out when events expand. 

GO TRI has also just launched a partnership with DW fitness gyms which offers a triathlon gym challenge in the chance to challenge yourself and improve on your times. 

GO TRI campaigns are predominantly digital and shared through social media, with some print elements at events. 

GO TRI is looking to relaunch in Spring 2018.


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